Computer Repairs made easy by Green Shield Security technicians.

If you’ve stumbled across this page, chances are you’re probably wondering how to repair your computer.
There’s a series of questions that you should ask yourself.

  1. What type of repair is needed?
    There are various repairs that could be completed in regards to computers and technology. Is your iMac or Windows computer not booting? Is it due to a corrupt operating system? Is the hardware malfunctioning? These are all really good questions. Of course, you’re more than welcome to troubleshoot and repair at your own convenience. Green Shield Security encourages their clients to learn more about the technology that they are using so they can get a better understanding of how it works. If you ever find yourself in this type of situation and you’ve exhausted all measures, reach out to our certified technicians at Green Shield Security and we will do our best to repair your computer or device in a professional and timely manner!
  2. Do you have a hardware failure?
    This is also a very good question. There’s many ways to determine hardware failure. Unfortunately, hardware can fail at any given moment without any type of sign. Generally, the type of hardware that tends to fail is the older hardware in computers dating back to 2014 and before. If the computer or device starts, depending on the brand, there may be a troubleshooting wizard that will allow you to test each and every individual part of the computer to ensure reliability and performance. You can also try to remove memory sticks, one by one, to see if the failure is caused by the memory. If you’d rather let a professional fix your computer or device in a timely manner, reach out to us at Green Shield Security and we will ensure that your devices are repaired in a timely manner!
  3. Is my computer crashing due to software?
    There’s been many instances in which software collides with anti-malware and antivirus applications and caused a Blue Screen of Death. The best way to determine this is to boot the computer into safe mode with networking, as this will only allow Windows Dependencies to run, and then run the program “WhoCrashed” By Resplendence, this will allow you to view the memory dump files that Windows generates whenever there is a system crash. From there, you can narrow down where the issue lies and how to fix it.
    If you require assistance, reach out to us at Green Shield Security so you can rest assured that the repair will be successful!
  4. Are my drivers outdated?
    Sometimes, incompatibilities with drivers and Windows don’t often go together hand-in-hand. Often, drivers are the main culprit for system crashes. Green Shield Security employs the most advanced techniques when it comes to updating drivers safely and successfully. Green Shield Security uses a specific toolset that allows us to update drivers, optimize the computer for performance, and repair most common issues. Inquire today and allow us to better assist you!

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