Easy DIY Computer Upgrades

Easy Computer Repairs and Upgrades by Green Shield Security.

If you’re viewing this page, you’re most likely interested in learning about the easiest upgrades that anybody could do to repair or speed up their computer. Green Shield Security makes it easy by breaking everything down into examples, so that our viewers can learn more about the technology they’re using!

  1. Memory
    Memory is by far one of the easiest upgrades any person can do themselves. The reason why this is number one on Green Shield Security‘s list is for many benefits opposed to the cons.
    The easiest way to upgrade your memory, is to open up a new page or tab on the computer in question. Navigate to the link below: Crucial Memory Scanner
    Crucial Memory scanner is by far the easiest way to upgrade the memory in your computer. Crucial Memory Scanner makes it easy by scanning your computer once the agreements are met and accepted, and giving you the best options in regards to upgrading the memory in your desktop or laptop.
    Why should you upgrade your memory? It’s simple! More memory = Less problems. In-fact, more memory equates to a faster functioning device. No more waiting for Google Chrome or your favorite web browser to open. No more waiting for your favorite pages to load. More memory also helps other essential programs to run seamlessly including games, apps, and other software installed on your computer.
    If you don’t feel comfortable upgrading your memory, you’re invited to reach out to Green Shield Security to complete the computer upgrade for you!

2. Storage.
At some point or another, everyone has seen that dreadful message from Windows stating that their storage is running low on their device, and to uninstall or remove files not frequently used to free up space. Not anymore! Green Shield Security is here to explain the advantages of upgrading your storage and how it can help you in the long run.
When it comes to storage, you can never have too much. Storage is essential for software, files downloaded, Windows tasks, and much more. Typically most modern computers have a traditional HDD (hard disk drive) integrated into them which brings the price down to an affordable price. What’s so bad about that? Hard disk drives, or HDD’s, consist of platters that store data, and are paired with magnetic heads that usually arranged on a moving actuator arm, which read and write data to the platter surfaces. Sounds complicated, right? HDD’s are susceptible to failure if the laptop or desktop is moved, or moving while in use which could lead to imminent data loss and drive failure. So, how do we fix that problem? Easy! Solid State Drives, or SSD’s.
A solid state drive, or SSD, is a drive that is made up by NAND flash memory. Think of it like a giant USB drive, but for your computer. SSD’s use less power than a traditional HDD, they outperform HDD”s in performance by about 15%. That is a huge jump in performance. SSD’s are easy to obtain, and easy to install.
If you ever find yourself wanting to purchase a solid state drive, but don’t know which one to purchase, reach out to us here at Green Shield Security. We can also assist with Data Backups, and Data Migration.

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