Hardware Upgrades

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Technology gets outdated, and it gets outdated fast.

What was new 2 years ago, is now old.

Green Shield Security is able to upgrade most major components of every computer.

If you want bigger, better, and faster hardware, Green Shield Security is your go-to!

If you’re looking to make your computer faster, we specialize in data transfers from hard drives to SSD’s (Solid State Drives) which on average shows a 2.5x speed increase over traditional 3.5 HDD’s.

Memory maxed out? No problem! We can upgrade the memory in almost every computer, whether it’s a laptop, all-in-one, or a desktop.

CPU maxed out? We have solutions. We can upgrade processors in almost every desktop. Laptops not supported.

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  • Memory Upgrades
  • Battery Replacement
  • 30 Days Warranty
  • LCD Screen Upgrade
  • SSD Upgrades
  • CPU Upgrades
  • Power Supply Upgrades
  • Motherboard Upgrades
  • Liquid Cooling Upgrades
Green Shield Security worked patiently with me in developing the web page for our company. Kyle is easy to work with and diligent in his work ethic. Already have received results from the site. Thanks Kyle! - Chuck B
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Kyle always responds quickly, is very professional, reliable and has been able to solve any computer issue I have had. I highly recommend him.
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