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The leading issue when it comes to network issues generally comes from outdated hardware. Modems, routers, all of those peripherals receive minimal updates.

Green Shield Security goes the extra step. We supply you with the most up-to-date hardware whether it be for multimedia purposes, or gaming, or streaming, we have hardware for it all.

If hardware is not the issue, Green Shield Security is equipped with the proper tools to diagnose all networks and pinpoint the issue to get it fixed promptly. Whether it be a faulty Ethernet cable, or a device utilizing all the bandwidth, we can fix all networking issues in a timely manner.

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Green Shield Security worked patiently with me in developing the web page for our company. Kyle is easy to work with and diligent in his work ethic. Already have received results from the site. Thanks Kyle! - Chuck B
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Kyle always responds quickly, is very professional, reliable and has been able to solve any computer issue I have had. I highly recommend him.
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